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We help you collect the data you need with minimal effort, to give you payroll exports and insights at the click of a button.




  • Clocking
    • Record staff hours effectively
    • Simplify payroll with exports direct to payroll
    • Prof of hours worked, via reporting
      • Backed up by geodata, timestamps and photos
    • Live staff overview of who’s working
    • Offline functionality
    • Sage Payroll, compatible exports
  • Training database
    • Display qualifications on demand
    • Training needs analysis
    • Export an entire project’s staff’s qualifications
  • Asset management
    • Record asset information
    • Asset issue reporting at user level (I.E. My vans wing mirror is damaged)
    • Follow up reports to manage and resolve issues effectively
    • Historic information on transferred assets
    • Monthly vehicle checks
    • MOT expiry reports*
  • Ordering portal (PPE Use case)
    • For example track usage levels
    • Record assigned equipment, acknowledge receipt on next clock “in”
    • PPE Allocation records
    • Project costings
    • User costings
  • Holiday and Absence records
    • Staff have transparency about their holiday
    • Attendance reports per project and user
  • Forms
    • Site audit
    • Permit checks
      • Double checked of non internal docs
    • Early warning notice
    • Plant checks
    • Permanent records
    • PDF Exports
    • Offline functionality planned*
  • Photo archiving
    • Photos auto uploaded
    • Auto organised by geo tagging / clocking data
  • Live reporting
    • Projects overview
    • Workload planner
    • Site leagues / scoring
    • Attendance


Smart offline

No internet, no problem. Our system utilizes cutting edge HTML5 technology to enable offline time tracking, data is stored until a connection becomes available.

The mobile application deploys straight from your site,

  • Cross platform
  • HTML5 Service worker cache.
  • IndexedDB
  • Mediastream – Chrome/Android*
  • Responsive online/offline mode automatically switches

Live reporting

Reporting in real time, giving you the insights when you need it, now.